Meditation on Muladhara

Well its about time we do a meditation on the muladhara or base chakra don’t you think? 🙂

Meditation Practice

If you are sitting on a chair then place the feet flat on the floor. Feel the four corners of the feet and the toes pressing into the floor. If you are sitting cross-legged then feel the base of the spine and the legs pressing into the floor making a connection with the earth, like a tree firmly rooted in the earth. Observe the physical body…..

Observe the body breathing. The breath comes in via the nostrils and goes down to the lungs. Along with the breath we bring in a subtle energy called prana and it is this prana that we direct down to the base of the spine. We do this by our intention. We have two subtle energy channels going from the right and left nostril down to the base chakra.

In this meditation we are going to be conscious of the body throughout, giving it support from every chakra but holding the attention strongly in the base. As we breathe in and out feel firmly rooted like a tree, feel the “sap” of vitality fueling the body. If we feel so inclined as we breathe in, we can hold the breath for a moment, feeling it’s fullness, it’s firmness and as we breathe out pausing for a moment.

As we breathe in we can be aware of the expansion of the tummy, we can store energy in this area and so bring vitality to the body. If we know it, we can engage the root lock, which is a contraction of the anal and perineum area. Breathe in contract, hold the breath, release and breathe out.

Let us beam our love like sunshine to every cell, organ and tissue of the body. We can use the brow chakra to help us to focus our love on the body, especially any area that is ill and calling for our attention.

Remember we are spiritual beings in a human experience. So let us use our spiritual nature to observe the entire experience, sharing in the joy of the body as it enjoys the nourishment, the revitalization, the comfort, the attention….How sweet is the breath in its fullness….






One Response to Meditation on Muladhara

  1. Henk says:


    I always enjoy the practices, so thank you for that.

    The words “tree”, “storage” and “beam” helped me a lot. They may seem simple words but they carry power for me. Reading “storage” helped me in the awareness of filling up in Manipura more and more, asking myself “am I full or can I store more?”.

    Thinking of “beam” helps me focus more and feeling my love centered at one place like a smaller beam like a torch or widing my beam like a sun around.

    And the word “tree” makes me think of my legs as stems of trees with its veins as roots, going doing into the earth. Reminding me that the upper chakras are wonderfull, in combination with the lower chakras, bringing all the energies into my being.

    It makes me think of the affirmation of Guruji “let there be peace, love and harmony in every dimension of exitence”. Muladhara also.

    All my love, Henk

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