How we become trapped in body consciousness

Do you know that show “I dream of Genie”? In the show we see Genie being pulled into her bottle and feeling at home there until  something happens which draws her outside. I imagine the involution and evolution of the consciousness a little bit like that 🙂 OK yes, it’s a bit of a stretch, by now you know I connect what I see around me to the spiritual journey. Lets talk some more and you can tell me if the analogy works.

Here’s how I see it. We are spiritual beings – Genie outside of her bottle, experiencing unlimited consciousness; Genie is free, she can move around freely, can manifest her  intentions, and those intentions are influenced by the Universe around her. I know it’s not the perfect analogy ….but I can’t think of a better one. 🙂

Then our consciousness becomes involved in matter – Genie going into her bottle. Each chakra is a step in the involution process as we (our consciousness) come into matter. So in every chakra the consciousness  gradually becomes more and more involved – trapped.  When it reaches the base we think we are just human. The consciousness starts to identify with  humanity, the physical being.   With the second chakra,  consciousness becomes involved in sexual awareness, sexual activity. Third chakra: energy, dynamism, vitality. Fourth chakra: emotion, freedom, love. Fifth chakra: communication. Sixth chakra: mind, all mental  constructs (ideas, beliefs, concepts etc). Sixth chakra: pure Being.

When we forget who we are, our true nature, our concern is for the survival of the”bottle”. In our analogy the bottle is this physical body. So we experience a lot of fear and anxiety about survival of the body….the body’s need for food, shelter, propagation of species (sexual drive) – what will happen if the bottle breaks?

When we realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we remember that we are consciousness beings, we go through an evolution process via the chakras as our awareness expands. We realize that while we are in the body, we are not the body. We become awakened to our spiritual nature. That’s exciting!

This energy that has involved itself and created the involution, is  the same energy that is going to help us  to do the work in going back, in the evolution process.   The energy that created everything sleeps in the base center. On awakening, the process of going upward begins . We feel that something inside is taking us on this journey of energy.

I  become over excited, there’ s so much to say. Sorry for the long post 🙂 Can you follow my meaning? Does it make sense?


3 Responses to How we become trapped in body consciousness

  1. Henk says:


    Thank you for the analogy, Madhavi. Thinking of inside and outside the bottle takes my consciousness of my being straight to a place where I am observing from outside of my body and inside my body at the same time. Like the bird out of the cage. A place of broader awareness.

    And I like to think about the analogy more as I think of the bottle being a see-through-bottle. Where my inner being can shine through to my outer being and back. And I think about polishing the bottle to making and keeping it more clear.

    I find the analogy helpfull and has brought me more awareness. Another step. Thank you, Madhavi.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Victoria says:

    PS I like the new picture!

  3. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    I said a couple of days ago that I have tended to elevate the importance of developing the higher chakras to the utter neglect of the lower ones, particularly the base chakra. This series on muladhara continues to be an eye opener. In your first post, you talked about the potential for qualities to get locked in the base. This made me stop and think. And in meditating on muladhara (a whole new thing for me) I have been asking that it release locked qualities that need to come into the light.

    Yesterday you mentioned thinking about your attitude. At that point, my body was very reluctant to anything other than slob in front the TV. However, we had a chat and I was able to get to my journal and do some writing about my attitude to my body. I was anxious as my attitude, inner dialogue and relationship with my body has been neither easy nor kind. However, the product and the process helped me to see more clearly what my attitude has been.

    Earlier today, my requests to muladhara to release its baggage struck gold. Your reminder that when we are trapped in body consciousness, we experience a lot of fear and anxiety about survival, started me thinking about my own fear for my survival, and how that relates to my judgement of my body, as well as how I judge and evaluate other people. A very big “ah ha!” moment for me.

    Your posts have greatly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the importance of both the base chakra and this body of mine which has been friendless for far too long.

    With love and thanks

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