Muladhara- Body as a creation of nature

When you view the images above how do you feel? Nature is amazing don’t you think? Really, pause,  take a moment and become aware of the inner experience in looking at the photos.

Have you ever considered the physical body as a marvelous creation of nature? What would the relationship with the body be like if approached with awe, respect for the magnificence of the body?

Like in any friendship, I consider the messages from the body, sometimes if I think it best, I act on those messages and sometimes I don’t if I feel I have good reason. I like the open communication between us. I like that the body can signal what it needs to optimize it’s functioning.

Sometimes we don’t like to work with the lower chakras because we think we will lose the light, “floaty” feeling of the upper chakras. I like the down to earth, practical feeling from the lower chakras, together with the qualities that are available from the upper chakras.

Tomorrow we can discuss some practical tips for working with the lower chakras. I find  the practice much more beneficial after I have a good think about my attitude. Have fun building the relationship with the body.


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