Muladhara- becoming friends with the body

Have you ever had a friend whose company you enjoy, who if you are not careful can lead you into all  kinds of activities you wouldn’t really want to do? That friend has many good aspects but can be so persuasive that she can get you to do things that you know you shouldn’t really do. Part of you always knows better but it’s hard to resist. Or sometimes she subtly sabotages all your good efforts and takes you astray.

For me using Muladhara or the base chakra in combination with the upper centers helps me to manage a friend like that. That friend that I’m referring to is the physical body. Talk about peer pressure huh? A friend I cannot get away from! So I need to find the balance in the relationship.

Let me illustrate what I mean by taking the example of eating. If I’m feeling the predominant influence of the physical body then the choice of foods, the quantity of food, the atmosphere and manner of eating may not be the best. When I use my spiritual energy from the chakras I can lovingly encourage the body to begin to try and even to like healthy foods, to recognize how much food and the kind of foods the body needs and to give it what it needs. I can bring the awareness of the impact of environment, the atmosphere of the meal and how that affects the body.

As the relationship with the body gets better I find it becomes easier to deal with cravings in a loving way. The body also starts to communicate with me better, saying how we could work more effectively together. If ever a situation arises where I want the body to go the extra mile for me, for example if a meal is not ready and the body is hungry, the body will do it without a lot of complaint.

I find that overall as the relationship becomes more harmonious the way the body engages in its normal functioning is so much better. It’s really great to experience this relationship and I find it helps  to deal with physical aspects of the body about which I might have had issues.

You know it’s not possible to write about the whole relationship with the body. There is so much more of great interest. Shouldn’t I leave part of the story for you to discover? 🙂

Do you find this interesting? Would you like to hear more about muladhara?

6 Responses to Muladhara- becoming friends with the body

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    Namaskar Carien
    I think we each have our own way of picking up messages from the body. Let me give an example. When I’m eating I’m very aware of the impact of the food on my body. How the food was handled before it came on my plate (from the farm to the cook) affects it’s subtle energy. I pick how much energy I feel from the food. I find I need to eat more if the food has low energy.

    I can use this communication system extensively with the body to support healing, using the feedback from the body to take care of it. The body tells me how to exercise, how it experiences rest, how it can eliminate better, how the chemicals in the body changes and how that impacts my mood.

    I liked your example of the way you prepared the body for surgery. I agree with you that grounding in the muladhara helps to “hold” more energy. The body, mind and emotional being needs to be strong to handle the energy. The good news is the style of contemplation and meditation that we’re doing allows for a safe exploration of the energy centers.

    I hope I have answered your questions. 🙂

  2. carinecarien says:

    Thank you for your inspiration Madhavi!

    I think Madhavi, it is a very important relationship. Sometimes high spiritual energy can be hard to take for the body at certain moments.
    I am very fascinated about getting balance in these two ( how do I call this) energy’s?
    The body, gift from the earth, temporally and our spiritual being that’s eternal.
    Sometimes I feel these are like two rivers with a different speed of flow difficult to harmonize.
    Lately I am searching for the different kind of languages of the body to speak with.
    Can you tell me something about your experience in communicating in different languages to the body? I think giving it the right food is one. Vasudeva is helping us communicate versus the warmth of the body sometimes in meditation. ( giving love)
    lately I had some medical exam and some how I tried through thoughts to explain my body why this was necessary and preparing for some pain.
    And then, like a wonder, I did not feel one thing at all! not even a touch. I am sure there are several ways to communicate with our body. But maybe I am not only speaking of the Muladhara. Would like to hear more if possible;-)

  3. Marlene says:

    Henk, I enjoyed the awareness you brought to the whole process of eating – the atmosphere, where and how it is grown and harvested, and by whom, etc.

    Expressing such joy and happiness for your home baked bread and fresh vegetables makes me realize I am definitely missing out on something in my own eating experience. You said you would like to feel the effect in your body of eating these foods and that has inspired me to try to do that for myself when eating today.

  4. Marlene says:

    I have enjoyed photographing flowers for a few years now because it brings that same kind of excitement that I feel in viewing these photos that Madhavi has shared with us today. I get excited about how beautiful and amazing each one is – the wide variety in species, colour, shape and scent. And even within the same flower type, each flower is just a little bit different than the other. It is like discovering something new every time. In addition to excitement, I have a feeling of marvel and wonder at the diversity and extraordinariness in nature and in all of life. The magic of creation brings emotion to my heart. In viewing these photos today, I feel gratitude, appreciation and love for being able to experience nature through my senses. It uplifts me. When I am surrounded by the beauty of nature it calms me, gives me a sense of peace, and at some level I feel a unity with it.

    When I pause in this moment, I realize that the human body is especially awesome because it is the temple of the soul. It houses a spiritual being. It makes it possible for the soul to have this human experience on its journey to freedom. The human body is beautiful and intelligent and full of life and so it deserves our respect and our care.

    So, I gave a little extra care to my body this morning, recognizing that I have been neglecting it lately. Thank you, Madhavi, for encouraging us to “pause” and “feel” so that we may truly recognize how special the body is and the impact our environment can have on us.

  5. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    I like the humor, Madhavi. Thank you 🙂

    What struck me most was: “I can bring the awareness of the impact of environment, the atmosphere of the meal and how that affects the body.” I can try to be more aware of this. I can feel the difference when I eat my meal at home and I take the time for it and when I’m at work and I’m short on time and I rush my meal. I can try to change that.

    I would love to feel the difference of the impact of the environment how and where the food it grown and made. For instance, when I buy my vegetables from a sweet man, fresh from his land, no pesticides, not from a greenhouse, I always think of him when I eat his vegetables and thank him and the Universe with every bite. When I eat supermarket vegetables I don’t know where it comes from and I think about that. I would like to feel the effect in my body. How does my body feel when eating these foods, instead of thinking about it?

    For a few years my wife and I make our own bread with just water and wheat grain. Every time I open up my bread basket at work or at home I still feel such joy. Feeding my body with the best possible foods. Many times I share with my wife “I’m so happy with this bread”, she responds “I wish you said that to me so often…” 🙂 Can you imagine the joy I feel of eating the bread and the vegetables?

    Thank you, Madhavi, for the inspiration. I recognise the impact of control of the body when centered in the vast space of awareness, trying to be aware of all that I can. When my body feels tired, challenged or has a craving, for me that is a sign and inspiration to go deeper inside. A reminder that I shifted my awareness away of my Inner being.

    All my love, Henk

  6. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    Yes, I find this very interesting and would love to hear more!

    Love and thanks

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