Muladhara supported by the Upper Chakras

Today I’d like to discuss the base center or Muladhara ( also spelt Mooladhara) Chakra. It is the place where Kundalini or the Divine Energy sleeps.

This energy center is located at the base of the spine. The energy flows, not along the physical spine, but along a subtle energy channel that is called “Nadi”.  This channel that we are speaking of is called “Shushumna Nadi”.

This energy is awakened through divine prayer, or through association with someone who can give us an impulse of energy that can spark our own energy. Then this Divine Energy  begins to travel along our spine through the “Shushumna Nadi”.

As our chakras or energy centers start to open we  remember our divine self. We begin to see ourselves not just as a human body, but as a divine person.

On awakening we may experience sensations of heat or energy movement in this area as the awakened energy begins its upward journey.

When this centre is asleep or dormant, our life is mostly about eating, drinking, sleeping, working, sexual drive, excreting – the physical functioning and survival of the body, and we live in separation from the beautiful Spirit inside. The base chakra gives us  balance as we make the physical body comfortable and take care of its needs without pampering it.

Perhaps when we focus on the muladhara, it may bring up qualities that may be locked in there, like not liking the body, or being resistant to grounding ( we like to be up in the clouds). We can use the brow centre to reason it out,  to keep the focus  and to say, “Well I’m going to continue to work with this,”  use the intellect to reason it out and to go past it.  We can use the heart chakra, to give us the passion for wanting to do it and the navel chakra to bring more vitality to the passion. When the upper chakras are more opened then it gives more power for cleaning up the muladhara and all the past issues that may be there.




4 Responses to Muladhara supported by the Upper Chakras

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi, Henk and Marlene

    Thank you for this very timely reminder. It all strikes a cord. Marlene, thanks for the extra reminder on how Guruji interacts with his body. I have had some difficulty in relating with Muladhara in particular and I have tended to associate it with things from which I would like to disassociate from. However, I have been more aware of it of late and Madhavi’s point that can stores things which we may well need to work through is good awareness for me. Such stuff has indeed been coming up for me of late and it is wonderful to be able to view it with more understanding, acknowledge it and then try to work through it with awareness and all of the other necessary qualities.

    Love and thanks all round

  2. Marlene says:

    Yes, I would like to establish a better relationship with my own body and to view it in the way Guru sees his own body. I happened to be listening to some of Guru’s words yesterday on this subject. What struck me was the level of understanding and the degree of compassion he expressed for his own body.

    He explained that the body is physical creature with simple intelligence and is giving signals all the time because it is wired for its own instinctual drives. It has a need as a creature to express these drives (i.e., to sleep, to eat, to drink, to mate, etc.). Inhabiting the body is not like inhabiting a building because the body is an organism and is ‘responsive’. However, how we choose to respond to the body is up to us because we are the boss in it.

    Guru said he dialogues with his body all the time because it is like a little creature that needs his attention and that he listens to it carefully. He also said the only way to really manage the lower self is to it with listen to it with understanding and compassion.

    • Henk says:

      Namaskar Marlene,

      Thank you for passing on the words of Guruji. I like the analogy of the body as a creature very much so. It’s sounds so obvious and I try to take care of my body in the best possible way, but I can take care of it even better. Especially trying to listen to it all the time and respond to it accordingly. Like I try to take care of our pet animals in the best possible, so to can I look at my body as such a wonderful creature, always there for me.

      Thank you for the inspiration and the extra dimension of looking at my body.

      All my love, Henk

  3. Henk says:


    What struck me most of the message was “being resistant to grounding ( we like to be up in the clouds)”. I was wondering if I am restant. I sometimes feel that I’m not grounded. Is that because of resistance or lack of focus and being carried away with the job at hand?

    Thank you for this awareness, of this possibility.

    All my love, Henk

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