Tapestry of the upper chakras

I find that after an intense period of practice I need to stand back and look, kind of like looking at the tapestry that is being woven by my daily practice, otherwise it stays like separate threads in my consciousness.

I’d like to look at where we are with our practice. Lets focus attention on the upper chakras, the heart, throat and brow.

The heart center allows us to connect to the source through unconditional love, and through immersing ourselves in a deeper feeling of love.

The throat center allows us to stop the inner talk and begin to feel the space of peace, thinking and speaking from the depth of silence in the awareness of the source.

The brow center allows us to go towards the source, to stay away from distractions, understand what the source is.

Before we were focusing on each centre as a separate entity. How about today we approach the source with the combined energies of the heart, throat and brow? Then we observe the impact of such an approach, on our being, on our experiences of the day. See what I mean about the tapestry of the upper centers?


One Response to Tapestry of the upper chakras

  1. Henk says:


    Yesterday I experienced several times the combination of these centers in my speeking, actions and being. Very lovely to feel the love, silence and peace. A state I want to feel as often as possible. I couldn’t maintain this state in busy surroundings, but I hold on to the moments I did feel it and will focus on it more often.

    I like to picture of energy form this different centers coming together, with every breath from my being into the world and coming into my being from my outer world.

    All my love, Henk

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