Throat Chakra Meditation Part 2

Do you find the experience of silence is stress free, that there is a feeling of fulfillment, rest, comfort, not needing to think, joyous?

Silence does not just mean the absence of thought and the absence of vocal expression.  Silence is working in oneness with the source within.  We speak when we need to, without losing that connection with the source.  We don’t waste thoughts or words because that would be a loss of vital energy.

The silence does not mean that we can’t speak,  it is the striving to speak from the source.  It does not mean that we can’t think, it is thinking in the awareness of the source.  In doing so there is an expansion.  We can feel the vastness of the source which allows us to honour it, acknowledge it and manifest it.  That’s where silence is born. And that’s where silence exists – in that infinite source.

Take some time to contemplate silence. Shall we go back to yesterday’s meditation and explore with greater excitement the silence of the throat chakra, the silence between every mantra?

I wish you a silent day, connected to the source, speaking sweetly and appropriately, when necesary. I will continue this topic tomorrow.


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