Throat Chakra-Meditation Part 1

Yesterday I said the throat center is a center of purification. We talked about how as this Vishudha chakra opens up we have the capacity to energize our words and so they can have a powerful positive or negative influence on those around us.

Today I’d like to bring attention to the fact that our words, through our internal talk, have a tremendously powerful impact on ourselves. So it is essential that we purify our internal talk. Lets start by connecting to the Source from which all expressions emerge.

Meditation on Throat Center

In our meditation when we were doing mental training of the mind I said to listen to the mind repeating the mantra, to follow the vibrations of the sound, to notice as the sound subsides, to experience the silence within.

Today we extend that practice into observing the space of silence from which the mantra emerges, repeat the mantra, then observe. We can combine the mantra with the breath if we feel that inner prompt to do so. Repeating the mantra breathing out. Repeating the mantra breathing in. Take time to experience the silence between each repetition of the mantra.

Use the brow chakra to keep a one pointed focus on the sound vibrations of mantra, the arising of those sounds, the fullness of the sound of the mantra and the subsiding of the sound, then the silence that follows. The exquisite silence.

I will be developing this meditation practice in the coming posts. It will be easier to follow what comes in the next few days if we begin with this practice today.




3 Responses to Throat Chakra-Meditation Part 1

  1. dave says:

    An interesting description of a meditation practice which reminds me somewhat of Siddha Yoga introduced to the west by Swami Muktananda. In his writings, the mantra originates in the speech center of the supracausal body (naval area), next appears at the speech center of the causal body (heart), then vibrates in the lower throat region (subtle body) before hitting the surface of the mind in the brain. As purification via meditation/other practices then in time the mind expands to the subconscious level and thoughts are realized in the throat, next in the heart and eventually at the source or most powerful, pure level of mind. Enligtenment is realized once the mantra permanently descends or experienced in the navel. Once the physical nervous system is purified, thoughts are experienced in the throat, next the subtle body (subconscious) is purified and thoughts are realized in the heart (unconscious level) then once the causal body is purified then the next level is experienced and purified. Read ‘light on the path’ section japa in the four bodies by Muktanada and some other books of this yogi describes the process. In other words, if the mantra is noticed in the brain then the physical nervous system is impure and many practices can be used for cleansing: yoga, detox, fasting, vegetarian diet, meditating oneself to sleep (in moderation!), daily meditations, etc.
    It took me 23 yrs of daily meditaiton and other purification practices to reach the throat level and now working on reaching the causal body. Each level of development results in certain benefits or abilities described in the yogis books.
    I prefer to use tried and true practices by enligtened teachers and never hold my attention on the mental level so as to dive into the deepest level of samadhi (4th level) thereby getting the biggest bang for my meditaiton minute. Like diving into a pool simply aim the body, give a slight push and let go and let gravity do the work. The deepest level or pure consciousness – total bliss will attract and allow the mind to merge into the Self causing purification to occur from various levels (impure bodies).
    Be in bliss,

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaste Dave I’m glad you are enjoying the blog posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Continued blessings in your practice. madhavi

  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    It would be so nice if I could keep my awareness of this place of silence when I talk and listen to someone else. Such a place of peace. I look forward to the next messages. For today I will keep the mantra with every breath and I will try to keep observing the silence, even in interaction.

    Thank you.

    All my love, Henk

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