Throat Chakra-Center of Purification

Today let us  bring our awareness to the throat center, the Vishuddha chakra, sometimes called Vishuddhi. Vishuddha or Vishuddhi means purification. It gives us an opportunity to use the heart in purer expressions, allowing our consciousness to evolve.

Through this center we can go deeper into the consciousness and as we make our expressions purer and nobler, this chakra opens up more and speech begins to get power. It is no longer just words. That is truly incredible when it happens. As we express purer qualities through our association with people or through our noble thinking, we naturally express purer qualities in our speech;  more energy comes into our speech. We can actually see the effect of our speech, people become energized by our words and we become even more energized as we express them, we feel more support from that Higher self within.

When we are negative in our speech we can actually feel how that hinders the energy, we don’t feel comfortable. It is because we have not taken the responsibility that we now have from that awakened energy, and discharged it honorably.

Let us use the energy at the throat center with awareness today, to uplift ourselves and those around us. Have a wonderful day!

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