Mind Training-A Personal Experience

The practice of  repetition of the mantra that I described yesterday may have seemed like a basic, simple exercise. You may have read it and thought what’s the big deal?

I’ll share a personal experience of the power of the exercise. Once a long time ago I was about to fly back home from a trip to New York. As we were boarding, this very strange gentleman started to make a big fuss. He insisted he had to sit next to me. I didn’t know him and I thought he was a little weird but to avoid a delay I agreed.

He said he needed to talk to me because he saw that I was unhappy and he wanted to help. Well I didn’t think I was unhappy and I really didn’t want to tell him anything about my life. I hadn’t asked for his help. He never stopped sharing. He wanted to teach me meditation and gave spiritual advice but I didn’t believe him. After being in close quarters with him after so many hours, and really just to get rid of him I came up with this idea. I would repeat a mantra for a week and if it was true that I was really unhappy then I would realize it and I would also have the strength to make the changes needed. He agreed and he said he would come to visit me after a week and we could talk more then. I didn’t want more contact with him but I agreed. I made sure not to tell him my name or where I lived.

I kept my word and did the practice. And he was right. I got a lot of insight into my self. And yes he turned up after a week. That’s a whole other story.

This practice of mantra repetition continues to give me a lot of insight into my life, it gives me the strength to see more objectively what is happening  and to think more clearly about possible solutions. Mantra repetition is one of my most valued tool. I truly recommend it. Will you try it?


9 Responses to Mind Training-A Personal Experience

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    No Leena I have no material from her.

  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar to all,

    Thank you all for the inspiration. You have really inspired me to use the mantra, Madhavi. I have been trying it, on and off, for the last two days, but will try to keep it firmer. I recognize what you said about the inner prompt of which mantra to use. The Soham mantra carried a lot of recognition for me when I heard it for the first time and I feel a deep connection with it.

    With my love,


    • LEENA says:

      Did u get any of gurumayi cds /dvds frrom India. Interested in copies if possible.


      • Henk says:

        Namaskar Leena,

        Yesterday I received two children cd’s and three children books of her, from New York. A lullaby cd with mantra’s, a book about love, a book about the mantra and a book about nine blind men and a elephant. As a soon to be parent I wish I can share some of the teachings I learn and experience here to her. To shower her with all the love I know how to give. Trying to increase that love more and more.

        All my love, Henk

  3. Chantal says:

    Namskar Dear Madhavi and rootsmovements,

    I love the poem, exactly what I needed to hear, every single word of it! Thanks so much for sharing. I printed it out already to keep reminding me of my greatness and to have faith.

    Thank you Madhavi for reminding us of the power of mantra. Something I have not been doing alot of lately.


    Thank you ladies,
    love Chantal

  4. Marlene says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with mind training using mantra, Madhavi, and for explaining how mantra repetition continues to give you insight into your life, the strength to see more objectively what is happening and to think more clearly about possible solutions. How can I not be inspired by that! I have already started repeating the ‘soham’ mantra today and I look forward to my own experimentation with it once more. Although it is something that I have practiced in the past, you message has inspired me to try it again today. Thanks.

  5. Stumbled across your posts and have enjoyed. I love using mantras for silent meditation as well as aloud. I also find it powerful when using the soham mantra to visualize the radiant violet light emerging from my ajna chakra, third eye and returning back within with the rhythm of my breath. =]

    After my mediation this morning I wrote this and Spirit inspires me to share =]

    Be Humble.
    Be Greatful.

    Humble yourself to your life experiences.
    Be Greateful.

    Remove fear from your life by having faith that you will never experience anything you are not meant to experience.
    No weight that you carry will ever break your back.
    Find JOY.

    Admire your strength in times of weakness Because….

    Never Give Up!!!
    Never give up on yourself or humanity.

    If I can make it, you can make it,
    and togther We make it!

    Revel in your blessings rather dwelling in sorrow.

    Embrace your sorrow.
    Hug it. Kiss it. Honor it.
    In your present Love it and Transform.

    The power of LOVE is strong and great!

    Can you feel it?
    FEEL LOVE filling you lungs as you breathe….
    circulating and giving LIFE to your very cells.

    emanate it back out and open yourself to recieve.

    Many Blessings! Namaste

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Warm welcome. I love the idea of visualizing light beaming from the brow and returning with the breath. Yes I agree the soham mantra is ideal for using with the breath. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words of inspiration with us.

      Reveling in all the blessings

  6. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    This is a wonderful story as ever and inspiring as well – two for the price of one indeed! You have cast the line perfectly because now I want to find out how mantra repetition can do all of those things for me!

    I will certainly try it.

    All love and thanks
    Victoria xx

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