Stop Blogging End of February?

Every year from March 25-May 5 Sri Vasudeva, the spiritual leader of Blue Star and my Guru, gives daily inspirational messages and has an hour of sacred conversation around those talks. I know many of us take part in this sacred 40 day period yearly, some will participate this year for the first time.

I am wondering how this blog can best serve. Shall I continue posting until the end of February and then stop to give every one some space before the 40 days and so all can focus on Sri Vasudeva’s messages? I am open to suggestions. This is our space. How can it best support us?


4 Responses to Stop Blogging End of February?

  1. Carla says:

    Namaskar Dear Madhavi,
    I agree with Paul. It would be great to have your input and own personal experiences related to each Guru’s message. I am reading them all and find them very motivating and a way to answer my questions ;o) Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences as well.
    with love,

  2. Paul Madhava says:

    Namaskar my sweet sister,
    what if you post on this blog your own personal reflections about the guru’s daily message? Now I read your post every once and a while and your messages come to me as looking at things that I already know and yet, from a strangely, inspirational different perspective.

  3. Reshma says:

    Namaskar Aunty,

    Your messages are so uplifting to many on a daily basis, maybe we can still continue the blog through out the 40 days.
    Just as you have made this blog somewhat real and personalized, you can continue on that same thread, just related to the topics of the 40 days.
    What do you say? Do you think this may be conflicting with discussion groups, etc at this time?
    Thanks again for sharing your messages and experiences.

  4. Henk says:


    At looking at different views evoked by your question I considered the following, for me personnally:
    – I would like to follow the 40-days-period and put as much time in it as possible (a challenge with a fresh baby 🙂 ). I will have to choose my time carefully. Maybe others too?
    – This space could be used to discuss the Guru’s messages, but maybe there is a seperate blogspot again around the 40 days? Discussion or comments could be placed there.

    I think this space could be used afterwards, as I usually re-listen or re-read the talks of the 40 days to get a better understanding. Just as you are inspiring to do with this blog. Maybe we can investigate the messages from day 1 after the 40 days again? So we can fully integrate the messages.

    All my love, Henk

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