Mental Power-Gifts of the Ajna chakra

Let us continue delving into the power center of the brow, the Ajna chakra. Many of us already have this center awakened without realizing it, but we may not have the fullness of the center.

Here we begin to reason, to discriminate in powerful ways, as the tool of the intellect becomes sharpened. I find in observing  the differences in reasoning power of the people around me; I become more aware of the capacity of this brow center and I am inspired to seek to generate more of it’s energies as I want to use more wisdom in my choice making.

The brow center gifts us the ability to visualize,  to create powerful images in our mind.   We can choose to have destructive images within our being, images that evoke fear,  guilt,  uncertainty,  confusion, worry.  Or we can choose images that evoke a more expansive experience. What kinds of images can we consciously visualize that will bring us an inner lift?


6 Responses to Mental Power-Gifts of the Ajna chakra

  1. Anonimus says:

    I have problems with visualisation…the mental images i see are weak, blurry and fades away quickly….I use visualisation 10 years now and it didnt improve….(so its not about i didnt practise)


    -What are the “spiritual requirements” to create powerful crystal clear mental images BESIDES PRACTICE?

    -What chakras/meridians should be strong and opened etc….its enough to open the third eye?

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Dear Anonimus

      What is the purpose of your visualizations? Is it to manage your mind? If yes then perhaps you can allow the image of some one or something which has had a strong uplifting influence on you from your past. Then allow the memory to fade away, continue to deepen the meditation by observing what is in the space that remains.


      • Anonimus says:


        I follow Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics book…2. lesson…Sensory excercises

        Objective: – Keeping a mental picture for at least 5-10 minutes strongly without fading away…(first with eyes closed…later open)

        Question: How to achive that? What energy centers/meridians should be opened and strong **BESIDES** PRACTISE OF TRYING TO VISUALISE?

        -What are the astral/mental requirements to gain such powerful and crystal clear mental images for minutes?

        I hope u understand the question.

        For example a weight lifter guy to lift 100kg needs to excercise a lot…..but he will never lift 100kg if he just practises and never eats anough food etc and doesnt have energy….this is a requirement

        Or you can be the best cook in the world…if you have no equipment you wont cook anything right?

        So what are the “spiritual” requirements of making crystal clear mental images? Its enough to make the third eye stronger and open it? Or need to make much stronger other energy centers?

        (Anyway i’m a musician so auditory excercises means no problem for me, to hear instruments or orchestral sound in my head etc…my weakness is seeing images)

        • Chan Madhavi says:

          Hi Aninimus

          I sent you an email with a way that we can talk directly so that I can better respond to your question.


  2. Henk says:

    Thank you, Madhavi and Marlene, for a deeping understanding of the brow. Yesterday the exercise felt very nice and I thought how can I dig deeper to fully understand this chakra. The power of the intellect with visualisation is a very interesting point or angle for me. Using all the tools; focus, discrimination, visualisation.

  3. Marlene says:

    I find that some of the suggestions you have already made on this blog, Madhavi, can give us a lift, for example, visualizing oneself as being strong, confident and powerful. Another image that comes to mind in this moment that gives me a lift is “I am healthy” or “I am fit”, and strongly visualizing it. And an even greater uplift comes from contemplating, “I am the source of infinite peace and love!” 🙂

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