Brow – Guru Chakra

We continue our discussion of the eyebrow center, Ajna or Agya Chakra. Remember we talked before about having a sacred energy that is available to us. It is dormant in the base center until it is awakened, then it begins to rise up through the subtle energy channel, called the sushumna nadi, which runs parallel to the spine.  The seven major centers of energy are located in the region of the base of the spine, sacral or genital area, navel, heart, throat brow and then we have the crown.

Before the energy becomes stable at the brow center, we experience a lot of fluctuations. The energy moves up as we keep a nurturing internal environment, as we stay in the light; but the energy moves down when we allow ourselves to be pulled into darkness.

One of the gifts of this chakra is in coming into a space of control, note though not full control. When it becomes awakened it helps us to deal with the issues of all the lower chakras.  It helps us to use  the inspired intellect to work through the lower issues.

As we do good deeds, as we say nice things and as we get involved in a discipline, that will bring more energy.  It is not by our effort alone.  It is by  working in alignment with what this energy wants. In our meditation, let us try to invite the energy to go higher by doing the things it wants us to do.

Meditation on the brow

Let us come into silence. Silence has the power of honoring the Supreme. Silence has humility, gratitude, surrender. Now let us bring our attention completely in the present moment.

Ensure we are sitting in a comfortable, stable posture. This is a very important step. For some us this may mean sitting on a chair, some sitting on the floor, some whose body is very challenged, it may mean lying down. We can sit in an easy cross-legged posture. Let us not slouch. Keep the back erect to allow the energy to flow without resistance. We can support the back if the back muscles are not strong.

Now let the body be relaxed, while keeping a powerful alertness. Focus on the breath. Just follow the breath as the body breathes out and in. Watch the body breathe.

Now begin to breathe out taking the attention down to the base of the spine, around the point of the spine that is making contact with the seat. Now breathing in feel as if you are bringing the breath up along the spine, up to that point between the eyebrows.

Now when comfortable, when that inner prompt is there, stay at the brow. Feel as if the breath is coming in from that point between the eyebrow, filling up the entire head space. Feeling as if the breath is leaving from that point between the eyebrow.

The brow center is often called the Guru chakra, because it is at this point we begin to feel an inner guide leading us, showing us the way, the one who will lead us from darkness to light. Let us lovingly bring the sound of the mantra “Guru” into our consciousness.

Breathe out “Gu”; surrender, letting go, cleansing. Breathing in “Ru”; light, peace love.

Keep focused on the sound of the breath, the sound of the mantra at that point between the eyebrows. We may feel a pulling sensation at the brow. Just observe it. Continue the practice until a sense of inner fulfillment.


3 Responses to Brow – Guru Chakra

  1. Henk says:


    After the exercises of the last days it becomes easier I notice. This is very wonderful exercise. I feel that a sweet pulsation comes at the brow. Together with peace and silence. It’s nice to observe the head space from a different, observing space.

    Thank you, Madhavi.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Gauri says:

    Nice initiative, Madhavi! I shared it with some friends today.

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Thanks Gauri!

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