Brow-Center of Command & Inner Ecstasy

We have a marvelous energy center at the brow that is like a new friend, an inner guide that supports our ongoing growth and development. This friend helps us to see situations in a different light. For example seeing that I can take small steps everyday to make progress. This friend can help us to become disciplined so that we don’t skip our daily step, that we push the boundaries a little bit everyday. We saw how that worked when we meditated on the navel center. Everyday we added a little bit more to the practice.

The brow center allows access to an infinite field of information to help in our decision-making. It helps us to quiet our mind and stabilize the emotions. With the support of this center we begin to feel control over ourselves.

Most exquisite of all, as the brow center opens up more and more, we feel an inner ecstasy, a kind of intoxication. Shall we begin to focus more intently on the brow center in today’s meditation?

Brow Center Meditation Practise

Let us create an intention to go into that place where we can feel the power of the Universe inside of us. Let us sit with the back as straight as possible. Let our posture be comfortable. We are more than just a physical body. Pause. Take a moment to contemplate this. Our soul is in this body; the mind is in our soul; our emotional being is in our soul.

Let us centre ourselves in our soul consciousness. Let the mind be completely quiet and peaceful so we can see everything that is happening within and let the body be fully restful. Breathe out slowly and breathe in slowly. Breathe out, feeling all stresses going away and  breathe in, bringing peace into our being.

Focus on the point between the eyebrows. As we breathe in together, observe what happens at the centre of the eyebrows. Feel as if each inhaled breath is entering from that point between the brows and  filling up the entire head space. Go slowly. Continue the practice until there is a feeling of inner fulfillment.


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