Is Your Navel Center Pinging?

We have a system which tells us when the gas in our car needs refilling. Perhaps we have one of the newer models which pings when the gauge gets to half or quarter tank and pings again and again until we fill up.

We too have an energy storage tank in the navel area. When the tank is full we feel full of vitality, confident, great self-esteem, strong, healthy, excellent digestion. When we wake up we are rearing to go. We can not only create powerful intentions, we also have the drive to follow through with them.

When that tank is low we feel tired, listless, body is often challenged with illness; when faced with exams or challenges in the university of life we quake inside, the knees feel weak, the stomach is full of butterflies. These are the ways our navel center pings to get our attention, to tell us we need to fill up our tank. Is your navel center pinging?

The intent of today’s exercise is to begin to feel the power of the navel. We have the power to keep our attention anywhere, our toe, knee, finger, navel…anywhere.  Lets begin to develop the capacity to bring attention to the navel area. We can place the palms of our hands in the navel area. See, it’s easy to bring attention to that area now. Feel the warmth of the hands on the navel. There are powerful energy centers in the palm of the hands. Ever notice saints send out blessings through their palms?

It’s always nice to start by emptying the breath. Lets breathe out completely. Feel the stomach contract, move inwards. Slowly breathe in. Feel the stomach expand, pushing against the palms. Continue. Begin to notice the rhythm of the breath.

Now this requires focus. Keep the attention completely on the palms of the hands where they touch the stomach. Keep going until a feeling of well-being starts to arise, perhaps we might feel energy stirring in this area, a building up of warmth, might even feel like a raging fire. Stay with it for ten or fifteen minutes. Then observe the experience of the body, the quietness in the mind, the greater emotional stability.

If  our tank is very low then we might need to do the exercise more than once during the day. It does take commitment to the practice.

Have an energized day!


5 Responses to Is Your Navel Center Pinging?

  1. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Thanks for this exercise on the navel chakra; another good way to energize it with intention; looking forward to trying this way.

    This past month has been for me very busy with tons of “mental work,” which often depletes my navel centre if I allow it to. So, it was important to remember to give it attention. This week, at the wind down of the busy period I needed the energize the navel several days in a row.

    Wish I had read this earlier, I would have enjoyed trying it out. Tomorrow then … !

    much love,

  2. Marlene says:

    Thanks, Madhavi. I am just reading this message today but I am definitely going to keep it and try this technique. It excites me to find a way to top up my vitality as I never have as much energy as I would like to have. Yes, my navel centre is pinging!

  3. Madhavi says:

    Namaskar Henk, Victoria

    The navel center has many, many ways to support us in our day! There is even more there. It’s so exciting.

    Henk, each day’s post is what comes through as the inspiration on that day. No I’m not just following notes. Each post is an opportunity for me to practice allowing the guiding principle, that greater wisdom field to flow in and through me. Sometimes I have an idea of what the post should be about but when I’m ready to write a different message comes through…

  4. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    Thank again for this message and your reply, Victoria. Your reply made me aware of my experience of the practice and with me also I felt more at peace in my mind and heart.

    And what a coincidence for the message as yesterday I left work early for the first time as I felt low on energy and a little sick. Then this message. I did in the evening and brought me more energy (filled up the tank) and more peace. I just did it again as I plan to do it 4 times today as I am working again. I planned it to do it 12 minutes but when opening my eyes it were 17.

    The coincidence I just described triggered the thought and question within. Do you randomly choose and make messages, Madhavi, from your notes or do you pick up the energy in the space here and respond to that, consciously?

    Thank you.

    All my love, Henk

  5. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi. Like Henk said the other day, I read these posts and I get so excited to go and practice! What fun! Today was no different. I am a bit amused though as I tend to associate manipura with vitality and all the other things you set out. The technique pulled my focus in straight off and I was aware of quietness in my mind, calm in the body. However, I felt so serene and possibly even a bit radiant? Not quite the bundle of energy I was expecting! This says something about my expectations no doubt but I am definitely going to practice this again.

    Thanks so much for the ongoing inspiration. It all gets a tiny bit clearer each day (hurrah!) and with this comes more enthusiasm, drive and enjoyment!

    All love and thanks
    Victoria xx

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