Opening Our Heart’s Door

Do we think we can only be in someone’s presence when we are physically together? Do we challenge ourselves to embrace another into our world? Or do we allow  fear to push us into contraction? Do we have contracts in our minds, the criteria that has to be satisfied before we will allow our love to flow? Is our love  a commodity up for commerce, for barter or trade? “If and only if you approach me with this kind of attitude, if you say these kinds of words, if you perform these actions  will I love you, if you don’t I won’t love you.” Don’t we long for another way?

We’ve been talking about centers of intention. There is a powerful subtle energy center, or plexus of love that is located in the chest area. It is not physical but it certainly influences the physical organs and tissues in the region. It is like a vortex of energy. By tapping into this center we can connect with an infinite ocean of love, a place of unconditional loving, no contracts :). Our essential nature is love. We are all connected in that Source of love. We are one in spirit. The Divine resides in that boundless love.

I am reminded of the beautiful song by Parmahansa Yogananda:

Door of my heart

Open wide I keep for thee

Wilt thou come, wilt thou come?

Just for once come to me

Will my days fly away without seeing thee my lord?

Night and day, night and day

I wait for thee night and day

Door of my heart open wide I keep for thee

Lets us breathe in the love of the universe and breath out, opening the floodgates of our heart, sharing our love with our world.

8 Responses to Opening Our Heart’s Door

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    Thank you for this message and all the comments. A few sentences struck me most.

    The first one, being in one’s presence and being physically around, in conjunction with the topic reminded me of my first opening of the heart and experience of any energy center. It was an older meditation of Guruji, a heart meditation with the sentences “think of love, the best love you have known”.

    That triggered me to think of a past on loved one. This eventually deepened my relationship with that loved one, even though I couldn’t speak or be with him physically. It also brought me the experience that death is not something to be feared as Beings don’t “end” there, only our bodies. I also brought me the experience of opening of the heart and feeling my heart center, which I can experience and use now.

    The part of the message about the contracts brought me more awareness. Why did I feel badly inside (or allowed myself to feel bad) when a loved one didn’t appreciate the work I did for her? Didn’t I do the work for her with love and joy? Or did I “have a contract”? On contemplating the experience and this message I saw that my bad feeling was a sign of a contract and that I should be forgiving and even more loving when someone isn’t “appreciative” and could use my love.

    I find the sentence “make me a channel of peace” very inspiring.

    Thank you for bringing more awareness.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Marlene says:

    Victoria, I was happy to see you refer to Guru’s closing song of Satsang the past couple of weeks, “Make me a Channel of your Peace” and in particular its reference to love. It is a Christian prayer attributed to the 13th-century saint Francis of Assisi and I have known of it for almost 40 years. It is a favourite of mine as I think there are no greater words to aspire to. So I am quite happy every time Guru selects it!

    • Victoria says:

      Marlene, this is also one I have known for years but I only “heard” the words for the first time last week. They are guidance indeed and I was deeply moved last Saturday. Like you, I was extremely pleased when Guruji picked it again last night. I am sure there was significance in that!

  3. chanmadhavi says:

    In my experience the wider I open my gates the more love I can access and so the more love I have to share with those around me. So I continue to widen my circle of giving and sharing love.

  4. LEENA says:

    Its so wonderful to want to open and share the love of your heart with the world. Such a grand gesture. I would assume that we have already covered opening our hearts to all in our midst,right in front of our eyeballs sufficiently so now we are is a greater position to move on to the rest of the world.

    Or is it that is sounds so magnanimous to want to share our great , open, hearts of pouring love to the world? Do we even really care for those we see, talk to and, interact with on a frequent basis?. Yet we find it important to seek out those in the big wide world, who we have never seen, spoke to or have any idea who they are, but we want to send them our love and open our hearts so they may recieve our endless unconditional love. Its so great of us to contribute to the upliftment of the world in this way.

  5. Marlene says:

    Thank you for today’s sharing, Madhavi. May we all keep our hearts open wide. May we all grow in awareness that we can both give and receive limitless unconditional love.

    • chanmadhavi says:

      A very nice affirmation to take into the day!

      • Victoria says:

        I agree! Many thanks Madhavi and Marlene. I have found this posting very powerful and illuminating. I am more and more convinced that the need to keep my heart open is the key to a big issue for me. I have to ask myself whether I have been approaching my love as though it is a commodity. In which case, is it any wonder that it is not flowing as it should. The words of that song are breathtaking and I think also of Guruji’s closing last night’s Satsang, as last week, with “Make me a channel of your peace,” particularly the line “to be loved as to love with all my soul.” Instead of focusing what I feel I lack, maybe a more empowering outlook and practice would be to give love, unconditionally.

        With love and sincere thanks

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