Seven Centers of Intention

Yesterday we discovered that we have seven centers of intention. Now we know where to find them; at the base of the spine, in the sacral or genital area, the navel area, in the chest or heart area, the throat, brow and top of the head.  They are ours to tap into, to energize ourselves for this journey to freedom. Shall we explore these centers some more?

Let us build on our practice of yesterday. Today how about if our intention is to dive deeper into our true reality, that we are consciousness beings? Lets “prime the pump” so to speak by seeking the help of Evolved Souls, that they may lend their energetic support to us. This time let’s make the body as comfortable as possible, in a steady posture that we can keep  throughout, as we get ready to embark on our adventure. Isn’t it exciting?

Lets begin by focusing on one of the most powerful tools that we have at hand, the breath. As we breathe out,  let go, empty ourselves. As we breathe in embrace all the energy in the Universe. Lets do this cycle of emptying and filling until we feel an inner prompt to go deeper.

Now lets begin to listen intently to the breath as we continue to do the cycle. If we like we can use a mantra that we feel drawn to, like the soham mantra. “So” means the “universe” and “ham” means “I.” For the length of the inhaled breath repeat silently “Soooooooooooooo”, embracing the energy of the universe and for the duration of the out breath silently repeating “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam” thinking about “I”. In fact soham means I and the Universe are one. Take a keen interest in the sound of the mantra as it harmonizes with the breath.

Now  let us to the base of the spine, traveling up through the sacral, navel centers and noticing how the experience changes at each center of intention. Continue the journey through the heart, throat, brow and crown centers. Lets be like tourists on vacation, enjoying every center, lingering where we are drawn, soaking up the experience. Marvelous, isn’t it?

Doesn’t the physical body feel better? Doesn’t the mind feel more focused, more organized? Overall isn’t there a feeling of more synchronization, greater uplift?

Have a blissful day everyone!



3 Responses to Seven Centers of Intention

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Thank you for this practice and all the other practices. I like the practical advices you give as it is like stepping on the next stepping stone each time.

    I always like the soham-mantra in conjunction with the breath. I intend to feel the difference, or not, between my I and the Universe. Sensing how exactly my I feels and how exactly my Universe feels. More for me to explore I notice. But very exiting indeed. I prefer this journey than going to whatever country, although that can be inspiring to, for instance Trinidad 🙂

    All my love, Henk

  2. Patsy Mohammed says:

    Madhavi, I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy these article and have been sharing with a couple of people.

    • chanmadhavi says:

      This is so heartwarming. Thank you Sis.

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