Two Experiments

We’ve been talking about the possibility of varying the intensity of our intentions. Today I’d like to explore this topic some more. Let me describe today’s experiment. I observe myself as I send out waves of love and make a wish that a special person  feels uplifted today. I note my inner state before I send the wish, during and after the wish.

Now I do a second experiment. I relax my body. I focus on my breath.  I breathe out letting go of all other thoughts, emptying myself of all stresses. I breathe in filling myself with the love and vitality of the Universe.

On an out breath I focus on the base of the spine. I ground myself in the source of divine energy. As I breathe in I bring the focus up along the spinal column following an energy pathway which runs parallel to the spinal column. Allowing my awareness to travel up through the sacral energy center, my vitality center at the navel,  the ocean of love in my heart center, upward through the expansive tranquility of the throat, the focus point between the eyebrows and to the crown of the head. I breathe out going back to the base center and repeat the cycle.

I am very interested in the process. Looking to see what happens in each area. I don’t need to do anything I only watch the process. The body already knows how to breath. I am the observer.

When I’m comfortable with the cycle and I’m at the base of the spine I introduce my wish to send love to a special someone. I observe the influence on the thought as I ground in the base. I see the thought taking on greater power and vitality. I witness how it becomes infused with love. I see how focus and attention strengthens the intention. I picture that special person seeing them uplifted by divine love. I do this practice until I feel fulfilled.

The experience of sending the thought in the second experiment is very different. Now I reflect on what I learned about myself and how I can create intentions.


3 Responses to Two Experiments

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    Sounds like a great plan Leena!

  2. LEENA says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I practiced the technique in Healing Circle tonight. It was really nice, and it put me in touch with some centres I hardly pay attention to , like the base, sacral and navel. These need alot of work, in fact they all do.
    Some chakras I do not feel much , and I try to focus more to get some reaction, some sign that they are alive.
    Will continue this practice . Thank you for sharing this method.

    Much Love,


  3. Henk says:


    Hmm, very interesting. In the second experiment I would experience more intensity, with more awareness. I would be aware of more dimensions of my Being. Using the aid of different centers to intensify my love. Very helpful. This message adds a new dimension to intentions for me.

    It triggered the thought in my Being as I contemplated the message in bringing love to someone. I would breathe in that person with all her/his Being into my awareness, into that space beyond my energy centers and breathe out all of my Being from that space to that person. Imagining that this vast expansive space goes through my energy centers like round cracks, channeling that energy into love, power, harmony. My energy centers like gateways from my inner Being into my outer world and back.

    Thank you. I really enjoy your blog and all responses. It keeps me disciplined and new awarenesses.

    Love, Henk

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