Intensity of Intentions

Lets continue our conversation from yesterday. This morning we are having light flurries of snow and it brought to mind the intensity of intentions. Let me explain some more. While at this moment we’re having light flurries, later this could intensify into heavy snow fall. It’s the same if we talk about rain. We could have a light drizzle or heavy showers.

Likewise the intensity of our intentions can also vary. We can increase the power of intention and will. We can consciously intensify desire. I find it very interesting that intensity is under our control or another way of putting it is that we have the power of intention.

My personality does not like to just hear intriguing ideas such as this, I want to know it, to experience it for myself. So I devised a little experiment for myself. I choose someone who I find it easy to work with. Then I send a conscious wave of love to them. Then I try to send a bigger wave. I look at the process that is happening in me so that I can understand the process of intensifying and bring the process more into my awareness.

Shall I stop here? You try it and then we can talk some more tomorrow about the process of intensifying intentions.


9 Responses to Intensity of Intentions

  1. wim says:

    namaskar madhavi
    your observations are very inspiring. I have always feelings of love for guru but after my
    meditation it is mutch medition is a way to intensefy my intentions and also
    my feelings
    with love wim

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Namaskar Wim

      Meditation is indeed a powerful way to intensify our experiences of love. Great to hear from you.


  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    If I think of you Madhavi, one of the things that come up and really inspire me is your intensity of understanding the messages of Guruji, of your Universe.

    That intensity of re-reading a message and contemplating a message deeply inspires me greatly. So thank you for that!

    One of the things that struck me of your message is that I can have vary with intensity. With loving in this case, but I can do this with speaking, focusing for instance. I will experiment with varying the intensity of loving.

    Thank you for bringing this into my awareness.

    In gratituide and with, certainly in this case :), all my love,


  3. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I appreciate and like this post about intensifying intention, and reading through it and the replies of others, feel a real love energy on this site.

    About sending the intention of kind thoughts and/or love to othes, one of the ways I have of knowing where I am, is if I can send to another. I find it almost effortless if my thoughts are elevated. If not, I have to work harder at centring in a space where the idea to send will come. A good test for me.

    I like the gentle analogy of the snow in your post; it can start with flurries, and then intensify, just like our intentions. It is an image that will remind me of the power and choices that we have.

    Thanks for bringing the opportunity to participate and to share.

    Blue Star Ottawa

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Namaskar Madhuri
      I agree with you that there is a lovely energy here, co-created by every one’s presence on the site, all those who lend their energy by reading and contemplating, those who share insights on their practice, those who post questions and answers.

      I think it has become a wonderful community space where we can hold sacred conversations. Thank you for bring awareness to that point.

  4. LEENA says:

    Intentions are indeed powerful. What I find interesting is that if someone is not meant to receive your love and compassion ( tell me if this is being judgemental, but that is how I interpret it), it it difficult to connect with them and to send them love and compassion. The energy is very “loose” as if there is no natural flow. Its as if something is saying don’t waste your time, or they are not even deserving. This occured with me last week, with a co-worker who behaved very rudely and disrespectfully towards me. I tried to send love after the incident and it was as if it was not the right thing to do, there was no flow , no power.

    I can compare this with when I send love to the people I love dearly, like my Mum and Dad, and it so powerful, increasing in strength the more I focus on it,and energising, and I see the results when I look at them -I believe they recieve it in all its fullness.

    I see it as the Inner Guide working to direct us, where our energies are best spent and where it is maybe useless or undeserving or just not the right approach to a particular situation. What do you think?

    Much love,

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Namaskar Leena

      I think of my own experience. I hope that when I’m not in a good inner place that someone will have compassion for me and send me love, even if I have become caught up in my lower self. When I am pulled by the lower I need help, when I’m struggling I need help.

      So when I see someone else who is not in the most loving place then I think “Oh I understand this experience. I know how hard it is.” My love and compassion flows for myself in the other, for we are all connected in our being.

      I wish you a wonderful day as you light up your world!

  5. Reshma says:

    Namaskar Aunty Madhavi.
    These blogs are absolutely wonderful.
    Recently I have been having some emotional struggles where certainly my ego took over and I saw myself as the victim and not facing my challenges as opportunities or adventures. I had difficulties staying grounded and centered. Sometimes I found it difficult to keep the awareness of the higher self.
    However the Universe has supported me in many ways bringing me back to the space that I should be in.
    Intentions are truly very powerful. I have seen how negative intentions/thoughts that are projected can affect one’s entire being and I have also seen the positive effect of intentions. I too will try a little experiment on myself, in fact right now I am testing my discipline. I have set clear goals for myself for this year, so far 2 of them are on the way, so I’ll have to be aware of my progression and discipline. Currently I am on a little journey of my own self discovery.
    Thank you for creating this blog. It is very much appreciated and extremely helpful as we go along our journey of this human experience.

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Namaskar Reshma
      I’m glad to have your company as I learn and grow.

      Congratulations on a wonderful start to two of your goals. May all your goals be aligned to Divine will and may you always feel supported on your spiritual journey.

      Continue shining brightly!

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