Adopting Another View

Are we caught up in specific roles, coming alive in a space based on those roles? Do we respond to our world predominantly from the view of  one who gives advice to others, one who needs advice and help, one who supervises, a cleaner, a healer, a cook, a designer, a parent?  How do we habitually view our world? This world is like a mirror; it tells us about ourselves. Can we come out of the box and consciously adopt another view? This is a world of infinite possibilities.

It is not easy to see ourselves in the box. When I consciously decided to adopt a certain view for one hour it shocked me to find out how my habits had controlled me in the way I interpreted what was happening around me, how much my view was biased, how much I missed out on. I invite you to try this practice. It is a real eye-opener.

Let us  begin to honor our purpose, to  serve the world in the best possible way.



3 Responses to Adopting Another View

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar and thanks Madhavi, that is very helpful. As you say, one needs to consider all the possibilities and the implications of such. After posting, I thought about it more and could see how unconscious I am in my relationships so that I am stuck in roles that I am not aware of to start, and then beyond that, roles that I do not necessarily wish to continue playing. Life is certainly interesting, ever more so as I scratch a bit deeper below the surface.
    With love

  2. chanmadhavi says:

    Namaskar Victoria

    In our interactions with others when ever we choose to make a change we have an impact on those around us.

    Lets think of a singer. Her fans may be accustomed to her singing rock so when she decides she’d like to bring some jazz into her repertoire her fans will have to get used to it, they have to adjust their listening, may be their dancing. Some fans may enthusiastically embrace the change, others may take a while to get used to it. She may lose some fans. She may gain new fans.

    Ultimately the singer, having considered all the possibilities, will have to decide if she’s willing to risk the change.

    Hope that’s helpful. If not feel free to write back.

  3. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    What about playing the part that other people feel comfortable with? Earlier today, I was talking with a long time friend who is not on a (conscious) spiritual path. The conversation was somewhat stiff until I started to relate a story of some personal stress, including my frustration and some venting about said stress. At this point, she became much more engaged and more comfortable as I was “still me.” I could see myself playing that role, in part for her sake, but possibly also out of my own fear and discomfort over the unknown of “if not this way of relating/being then what.” The challenge of navigating and negotiating who I am and how I relate v want to relate, particularly when I do not want to relate in the same way, is one that keeps coming up. Perhaps I need to be more clear on who I am and how I actually want to now relate. Hmmm, am thinking that this is something for me to contemplate but words of wisdom are always gratefully received!

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