I am the Ego

Ego is the consciousness of Self. Our ego is the sum of all the experiences we have had, all the behavioral patterns we have created, all our thoughts,  feelings and attitudes.

One of the postures of the Ego is to identify completely with pleasure or power; another is the capacity of the Ego  to witness the other parts of the Ego.  Can we explore where we are? Do we reflect on the times that we are caught up in pleasures, fleeting sensations? How those pleasures eventually lead to pain and suffering? Sometimes we allow our desire to be comfortable, to drive us but this may not lead to the wisest choice for example in the  times when we allow the body’s cravings for unhealthy foods.  Can we see  how we use our power or give it away and then blame others for our feelings of powerlessness?

As soon as we start to look at ourselves in this way, we begin to use one of the powerful tools that we have, the tool of the intellect, our reasoning and discriminating power. Of course the ego also has emotional and vital powers. To really develop these powers we first need to become aware of them. Lets have a look at where we are in this moment. How am I using my intellect to make choices that are in line with my purpose? Am I allowing the bodies cravings to drive me? When challenged how do I respond?

I choose to create small challenges for myself daily. Then I practice the manner in which I want to respond to challenges. In this way I have the opportunity of over coming my habitual patterns that hold me in darkness. For example each day as I sit to write a part of me might say, “Well you don’t need to write every day? Each post doesn’t have to be so exciting for you. It’s not possible to keep such a schedule up. It’s OK to not feel inspired today”. But if I allow my mind to continue in this line of thinking it will not take me to new frontiers within myself. So I use my intellectual, emotional and vital power to drive me to stick to my intentions. I tell myself, “Yes you can do it. Keep trying. Open yourself up, inspiration will come. There is a greater field of wisdom that is guiding, become in tune with that Field.” Then I begin to see the light. I begin to have fun as I feel the inner momentum building.

May you too enjoy observing and using your powers wisely today.


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