Self Unchanged by all Dramas

A play is like a drama.  We create dramas in our lives. When someone is acting a role in a play we know that whatever they are doing doesn’t change the essential character of who they are. When the play is over they go back to themselves. So let’s say I am playing a bad guy in a drama –  even though I’m appearing  evil and negative in the drama or the play, my essential being, Madhavi, is not being changed by this drama that I am playing. So all the roles that we play in life, father, mother, friend, teacher, photographer, lawyer – whatever it might be – all these are dramas because they don’t change the essential nature of the Self.

These are roles that we assume and these are roles that we’re going to have to leave behind when we leave this life.  So when we come into this life, we take up different roles based on our choices, and when the role is complete we have to leave them and the Self remains the same Self inside.

Our ego may become transformed,  influenced or shaped by these experiences but the Self which is beneath the ego is unchanged.  So from the viewpoint of the Self, it’s all a drama.  From the viewpoint of the ego that’s involved, it may not seem to be any drama.  But from the viewpoint of the Self that is unchanged by the whole experience, this life is a drama.


One Response to Self Unchanged by all Dramas

  1. Henk says:

    I always like the analogy/fact that life is like a drama, a play. I see and feel sometimes when watching a movie that my body becomes active, all excited for instance. Maybe a little restless. I then think to myself, this movie is a drama and my true Self is unchangeable, not influenced by the play or dramas. Instantly my body becomes more relaxed as I place my Consciousness in a more wider space.

    To me, knowing and sometimes feeling that whatever happens in life, it is all a play and my Self is not affected by change, it gives me peace and power.

    For me an inspiration to keep feeling this unchangeable space and staying there. Thank you for bringing me there again with this message.

    All my love, Henk

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