Driving Our Creative Will

We are all created beings, we all exist in a Supreme Consciousness, which means that the Supreme Consciousness has a drive for creation; and since we can create with our individual ego it means that we have a creative will that reflects the Supreme creative will.  If we want to come out of ignorance then we need to drive that wish. When we begin to drive that desire, the Universe will support our drive, because this is part of the evolutionary path.  So we have to take responsibility for the creative power that we have in our hands.

We have a consciousness of infinite possibilities. We can start where we are, to work with what we see,  work with the possibilities that are before us  as we extend our minds. What seems to be impossible just leave it for the moment. It’s just like a baby who has a desire to run, first she learns to crawl, then she takes one wobbly step and falls, but eventually with practice and determination she will be able to run. Only when we open up the space to think that something  is possible can we make it happen.  If we do not even open up the space, we will never see it, nor will we accomplish it.


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