Invitation to be open to listen

We are in a co-existence.  It is important in a co-existence to create harmony and not conflict. We have a lot of conflict in our world, because each of us sees the world differently and we all fight with each other instead of trying to understand each other.  We want to force our point of view on the other.

Every day our world issues an invitation to us be open to listen. We do not have to agree or disagree at this point but begin to listen and be open and know it is a point of view of the Universe.  We can decide  that we do not want to make a point of view a part of our own so we can just let it be, we do not have to fight with it, we do not have to deny it, we do not have to be stressed about it.  The main thing is to accept that it is there, it is part of the Universe and we are just going to leave it right there. We take up the point of view that we want to identify with. The idea is  being open to all points of view and not want to fight with others because their point of view is different.

The sun  does not decide  it will shine on this person today and not that one because it does not like this one.  Or a fruit tree does not say I am not going to offer my fruit to this one or to that one. That shows how nature is and the Universe (the Source) has created everything so it has no discrimination towards anything.

If we get caught into “this is good and this is bad”, we get caught into what we call duality and freedom is going beyond duality.  Sometimes when we move away from the bad, the destructive, we may get a sense of being superior, we are too good and that holds us into  bondage as well.  We begin to treat with people as if they are less  and  we take people’s  power away.

Can we identify with the Source  that accepts everything, that supports everything? If the Source supports all then who am I? If the Source has created it then who am I to reject? The  truth is that I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the opinions, I am not the beliefs but I am That which is beyond all that.


8 Responses to Invitation to be open to listen

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Victoria,

    You questioned whether it is that you feel unable to handle the situation or is it that you cannot be bothered and am hiding behind being busy at work, focusing on yourself etc. You took the time to ask this question here, for the benefit for yourself to cope with this situation and to help the other. So from my view I think you are bothered and you do care. Is it then that you are unable to handle the situation?

    If I think of a personal situation in wanting to help someone and how far I will go I was thinking of helping my mother and letting her eat in a better way for her stomach. I felt compelled to help, but did not want to force my help as I knew this would be resisted. So I told her that I was giving my advise/view with love and because I care. I told what I would do in her situation, hopefully inspire her to eat in a better way and then I let it go. It felt good inside to do this. She took the advise, although it was only for a few weeks :). That she doesn’t eat in a better way now, hurts me only for an instant, because I know it is her choice, her lesson to learn. And if it isn’t in this lifetime then the next. Her true Self is untainted. I wish for her that she will live for a long time in happiness and try to inspire her more often to eat better by eaten the best I can myself.

    I hope my experience can help you. Acting from a space from love, trying to be an inspiration, opening up different options, letting the other choice. What is your lesson and what is the other persons lesson?

    All my love, Henk

    • Victoria says:

      Namaskar Henk

      Thank you so much for your reply. I again struck by the wonderful energy of this blog community and the mutual love and support – this certainly comes across in your reply, the energy of which has lifted me greatly.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and particularly your last paragraph and the reminder of the importance of acting from a space from love and opening up to different options (rather than narrowing my outlook). There is always a lesson and I am encouraged to continue to look for it with renewed vigour!

      With my sincere love and thanks

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and Shambavi

    Thank you for your responses. I am coming back to this because the situation which prompted my first post has reemerged. I am trying to go deeper into question of feeling called or not. I question whether it is that I feel unable to handle the situation or is it that I cannot be bothered and am hiding behind being busy at work, focusing on myself etc. This came up in Sacred Conversations in the 40 Days last year and I was not the only one who struggled with the teaching that we are primarily here for ourselves and cannot give what we do not have for ourselves. How do I approach assessing what is really going on with me in this situation, whether it is that I am appropriately putting myself first or just unwilling to get involved? I would really like to be able to approach this and other situations with Viveka and Vairagya so any suggestions would be most gratefully received.

    With love and thanks

  3. chanmadhavi says:

    Namaskar Henk
    Often as I talk to myself, I hear myself admit that I want to learn from that one but not this one. This post was about opening up my awareness to how much more is available in the menu of life. I have a lot more options to sample.

    I really enjoy your posts.

  4. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    Thank you for the posts. Very helpful for me. When to act for instance after listening.

    I liked the following part very much:

    The sun does not decide it will shine on this person today and not that one because it does not like this one. Or a fruit tree does not say I am not going to offer my fruit to this one or to that one. That shows how nature is and the Universe (the Source) has created everything so it has no discrimination towards anything.

    Listening from a vast space and shining our love from there. A space where there is no conflict, a space where I feel compelled to act or not.

    I like the view of not forcing my will upon another if I think this or that should be better. What do I know? I have an opinion, but the other can have an opinion too from my same Universe. Everyone is wise in some manner. I learn a lot from listening to others and seeing what strikes me when I’m centered in that vast loving space.

    Thank you for sharing.

    All my love,

  5. Shambhavi says:

    Namaskar Victoria…
    I have asked this same question, and Guruji gave the following answer:
    If one does not feel called or is able to act in a particular situation to help, give a little blessing and move on, in knowladge that Universe will bring an appropriatly aligned person for this situation. One has to be true to one self and stay alighned without inner turmoil.
    One love

  6. Victoria says:

    Beyond the willingness to being open to listening, what happens when we are called – externally at least – to take some sort of action to ‘help’ someone and we hear a point of view that we do not feel able to identify with? Do we leave it and the call for help right there? Is that being uncaring? Judgmental? How does one approach a situation like this in the appropriate way?

    • Madhavi says:

      Hi Victoria
      Seeing another person’s point of view doesn’t mean we have to embrace it. We can understand where some one else is at and that is what allows us to support another. However if we feel the situation is not one that we can handle then it might be better to refer that person to some one who we feel might be better able to help.

      I do plan to have several posts on the topic of living in harmony so I hope you might find the series of use.

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