Growing Through Challenges

In this co-existence, life has given us the opportunity to work in and through relationships to grow in consciousness. How can we do this consciously, instead of being pushed and prodded by life?

Where can we start?… One powerful way is to look for what causes stress inside in relating to our world. Where do the challenges lie?  Workplace? Community? People not making the same choices as ours? People close to us not following spirituality as we do? A habit that needs changing?

When  the world challenges us, then  in our meditation, we take all those challenges with us and surely our meditations will not be very, very good because we did not meet our tests well. In our meditation we can think that we have arrived somewhere but we know where we really are when we are tested.

We need to focus our attention on the impact the challenge has on us rather than focusing or blaming  those around us. Focus on the gains that we have made by the test of the relationship.  How have we become stronger?

How many times do we say, “I wish this other person would be more aware, more loving, more responsible, would listen more, more …..” ? We keep giving responsibility to the other to change the relationship, when in fact the Universe is prompting us to be the change that we are wishing for. The lack that we observe in the space need not stress us out or put us into a self-righteous mode of wanting to preach to anybody, the lack could bring compassion from our being to want to serve and to help, to lift the consciousness.


3 Responses to Growing Through Challenges

  1. Henk says:


    Thank you Madhavi and Victoria. The message was the “theme” of yesterday for me 🙂

    I find that in situations where I am centered I can bring compassion, understanding and love into the situation. In situations where I am not centered, usually on the days I haven’y meditated yet, I get carried away with my emotions. I more easily lay blame indeed and I can feel that the impact (I like that part “impact of the challenge”) doesn’t feel good in my body. The one thing that helps then is becoming more aware again and speak out the challenge in the relation with as much love as possible.

    The key for me is not to get carried away by keeping my awareness in my loving, expansive space by discipline. From there I can meet my challenges with love.

    Thank you for sharing this. I feel more empowered for the next challenge as I feel that I have more of a “plan” with the next challenge.

    Namaskar, Henk

    • Madhavi says:

      Thanks very much for your post Henk. I totally agree when you say “The key for me is not to get carried away by keeping my awareness in my loving, expansive space by discipline.”

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi.

    Thank you so much for this. You have made so many points there which are not only reminders for me, but also you have laid out some practical steps to address and use the challenges wisely.

    I often find that in the many challenges in relationships, I start off by blaming the other and of course, wanting to off load my responsibility. In so doing, I forget that firstly, it is all about me and secondly, that there are lessons and opportunities for me. When I try to look at it that way, it is easier but then I often do not know where or how to start to look at it proactively rather than as a victim i.e. “I got it wrong again.” So the guidance on how to look at it, what questions to ask myself, and the implication that this must be done thoroughly and uncompromisingly, I find very helpful.

    And then of course, the link between what we do off the meditation stool and on it. It is another wonderful reminder that meditation and spiritual practice is not just about sitting in meditation and whatever experiences we may or may not have; it is about how we live the teachings in a real and practical way.

    Finally, the need to be aware of where we are coming from and our intentions and motivations, as we seek to live the teachings. Now that I am more consciously on this path, I can see my tendency to be self righteous and even sanctimonious with others, and I can tell you that it is not nice for me to see it! The need to be centered in and coming from a place of love, as well as the need for genuine humility is in both a challenge and an aspiration for me.

    It is all about keeping an inwardly focused attention, despite the ease at which my eyes and pointing fingers are pulled outside time and time again!

    Love and thanks

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