The Need for Toughness on the Spiritual Journey

I was looking at a movie with my nephew last night. Like me, the heroine of the movie loves crossword puzzles. She says that one must be persistent in solving a puzzle. You can’t give up. That quality of determination and toughness is also needed on the spiritual journey.

I remember Gurudev saying, “ We can all declare that we are weak and we have a lot of work to do and we can all sit and share sad stories and share a cup of tea with the sad stories and then when we finish we continue to be the same way.  So we need to change the storyline, no?  We need to talk about powerful stories and talk about transformation.”

Sometimes at this time of year when the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over then there is a shift in energy in the atmosphere. Some people who are sensitive to energy may pick up this fluctuation. How we respond to these energy shifts will depend on where we are centered. Will we experience irritability, depression, short temperedness? Or will we feel inspired to bring more light into our world by sharing our victory stories? Will we seek and give support when we can?

Gurudev says, “When we admire those who are tough, then we’re inspired to become tough.  We have an example.  So we need examples of people who don’t give up, who are passionate – follow them, learn about them, learn from them and you will imbibe the quality.  You will begin to feel the quality inside of you, the quality of determination or persistence in the learning process.”



So how about sharing with me some of your moments of transformations? Who are the people you admire, what about them inspires you and how do you emulate those qualities? Lets energize ourselves and each other with our wonderful stories!


7 Responses to The Need for Toughness on the Spiritual Journey

  1. Shobha says:

    I can relate to this: ‘So we need examples of people who don’t give up, who are passionate – follow them, learn about them, learn from them and you will imbibe the quality’ It’s like the Osmosis process if you are open to it, the energy will flow from a higher concentration to a lower one.

  2. Linda says:

    Dear Anjana, what a beautiful process you are describing. And difficult at times as – as you wrote it – the shadows get more visible too. I do not really understand the part that the ego panics when you go back to old patterns. I would think the ego would thrive on that, back to the comfort zone of thinking?
    Your words touch the ‘toughness’ in me, the wish to continue transforming my shadows. I have a tendency to focus on the dark in order to transform it, but life is learning me that the way of the Light is much more rewarding.
    Love, Linda

    • jenny anjana says:

      Dear Linda,

      By surrendering to the Guru, the Guru in me took over. The signals ‘she’ gives are very powerfull. The ego keeps wanting to do things the old way. So, when challenges are there, ego sees the ‘things’ the Guru has done and does not like that. Beacause the old ways of dealing with these challenges don’t work any more. So that’s what I mean by panics. The ego can’t bring the solution, while the Self is not broken through enough to take over in this new situation. Yes, my ego wants to stay in the dark then to. It’s safe of course. In this ‘neverlandfeeling’ ego and Self are pulling inside. When ego sees eventually that the Self is much more strong, when the ego feels loved by this Self and not trethened anymore, it surrenders. And then the transformation can take place. I write as if it is not me, beacause that’s how it feels, I’m the witness. I think that’s why deep transformations can take place and the witness is very tough and loving at the same time. Just by being there.
      Much love, Anjana

  3. chanmadhavi says:

    Thank you for sharing your world with us Anjana. A powerful, inspiring story.

    In love and appreciation

  4. jenny anjana says:

    Dear Madhavi and Linda also,

    Today Some words have come to share. Also inspired by your former comments. From the moment I truelly surrendered to the Guru and Vasudeva took me into His space, marvellous and also very difficult things have happened. This expansion of view, seeing the Divine play in everything and in my own innerworld, is the Grace I feel as the most wonderfull present ever given to me. But when Light gets brighter, shadows get more visible to. The last few years my outerworld has decreased much. I was told inside when I ‘had’ to do or stop something. The stopping was much. Jobs, contacts with certain people (for a shorter or longer time) and other activities. When I listened, Grace came. The outerworld decreased, the innerworld increased. So much more space was seen and every moment can be so joyfull in itself. But sometimes ego takes over and wants to claim its right of existance by convincing me to believe ‘old’ patterns and concepts. When this identification takes place, ego panics, because the world is falling apart! The only way for me to get trough this is giving that what’s inside me space (all kinds of emotions and toughts) and allow it to come to the surface. The companions Toughness and Love are required here for support! And always asking this wonderfull Guru energy insde me to transform the shadow to Light. And magic happens. Sometimes by an insight, sometimes by the loving energy of my daughter, sometimes by taking on a selfless act. It’s very important for me to always stay aware that it is never me who is doing anything. God is the One.
    This was nice to put my world into words. Thank you Madhavi, and Linda for this opportunity!
    Much love for both of you!
    XXX Jenny Anjana

  5. chanmadhavi says:

    How marvelous to hear from you Linda! Yes I agree with you toughness seasoned with a good dose of love makes a good combination. I very much like the advice you shared from Guru, it reminds me of Guru saying to view challenges in an expanded space, so the challenge comes into perspective …to see how small it is in the vastness of our Being.

    Do you remember in the 2009 40 day period in one of the discussion groups some one asked about how to get rid of garbage from the inner space? This is what Gurudev said in reply, “Only when we lift ourselves are we able to see MORE, to have an expanded view. Then we’ll be able to see that the garbage is occupying only a small space of great possibilities and we can choose to embrace other things, until the garbage simply begins to disappear by lack of use. When we have changed the way we think about things, the garbage will begin to recede because we’re not using it. Its visibility will begin to fade because we put other things into visibility, although it will remain as a memory but it will have no power anymore. So that’s the way to get rid of the garbage.”

    Of course the garbage in this sense for me is the way limited I’m seeing a situation and it is that view which is bringing me the difficulty.

    Thank you for your company Linda, I’m enjoying the conversation.

  6. Linda says:

    Thanks for the invitation to share Madhavi. I agree that toughness is needed, together with love. Love and toughness, it seems like a strange combination but they really go well together. It is tough to see the higher truth above the many stories my mind tells me and even tougher to follow this truth and leave these stories behind. What helps me is the advise Sri Vasudeva gave me “Always strive for what expands the consciousness and what creates harmony within and around you. (…) Grace flows immediately you make the effort.” And indeed it does, if I trust enough to make the effort. If I am tough enough to make the effort. If I love enough to make the effort. There always seem to be a lot of ‘ifs’ to overcome. But there is so much grace if I do.

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